Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where does the time go?

It seems everyone is busy lately. Sometimes I feel like screaming just like the lady in this picture. Where do the evenings go? It is so frustrating to me how fast the evenings go by. I am grateful, however that Kylie is so good about coming home and immediately starting her homework. She usually has spelling words to write out and has to read for 20 minutes. She also has about four baggie books that she reads. If she wants to read them all, of course I will not stop her. I say if she is into it why not let her read? After that I am usually washing baby bottles and before I get that finished Spencer is wanting to be fed. His evening meal usually consists of a bottle, a veggie such as squash, carrots or sweet potatoes, and baby cereal. Paul is usually cooking at this time. Then we eat and clean up. Then we are always changing loads of laundry. Next it is time to make up baby bottles to take to school. Next is bath time, brushing teeth, picking out clothes for the next day, which always takes longer than you anticipate. Before we know it the time has come to go to bed. Kylie DOES NOT like to go to sleep. She would stay up all night if I would let her. Usually Kylie wants to read some more books and Spencer is ready for his last bottle. I feel horrible because Kylie doesn't get much play time in for herself or with her baby brother. Why do the evenings have to be so short???? It's even worse if you need to run the the store because we all know that definitely takes longer than you'd think. Maybe Walmart should look into an online shopping deal like the grocery stores have!!!!! It would be nice sometimes to have an extra day in the week to stop and smell the flowers. I even missed my baby boy rolling over all by himself for the very first time ever because I was too involved in getting the kitchen straighten up. At least Kylie got to witness it. She was so excited to see it. And I wouldn't want it to be anyone else if I had to chose. I really am not asking for any sympathy because I know we all go through it. It just doesn't seem fair sometimes that we miss out on precious things. Ok, well I am finished griping now.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Earrings

Dear Grace;
Thank you for my brand new earrings that you made. I really like them. You did such a good job making them. I am sure you had a lot of fun making them too!!! Wow they sure are cool. Thanks.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

School Pictures

I couldn't resist showing Spencer's first school picture. I know he's my kid and all but isn't he the
cutest thing you ever did see? I had a 24 hour flu bug of some sort so I didn't even get to cut them yet. Anyway, he is 4 months old and is such a ham!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

brand new office

Well Ash, here's my blog. I was going to blog anyway but I decided to read yours first and saw a challenge. Good thing I had something in mind. Not much of a blog but I wanted to show off our brand new office. We all worked so hard to get this office up and running. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. We have had trouble with our phones for over a week now and they still aren't fixed. Numerous things have gone wrong but soon (I hope) things will be better. I didn't go to the mountains this weekend like I was supposed to do but I'm sure I will come up with another blog by the end of the weekend. Check out our 90 gallon bow front fish tank....and the murphy bed!!!!

waiting room

fish tank

This is Jimmy's murphy bed. Yes, that's right. A murphy bed. I have a boss that LOVES to sleep!!!

more of the waiting room

Friday, October 3, 2008


OK...this is Paul's favorite t-shirt. Why Paul, why? He WILL NOT part with this thing. Why even bother putting it on? How does he know which hole to put his head or arms through? AND this isn't the only shirt like this. He has about 3 of them that he wears. At least his underwear aren't quite this bad. I'm afraid one of these days he'll get strangled in a string!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Coco Wheats

Why-o-why can I not buy Coco Wheats around here? I have been searching for this yummy cereal. They sell Cream of Wheats here but no Coco Wheats. It is the same only chocolate. Thanks, mom for sending me my very own box of Coco Wheats. You'd think it would be easier to buy them here in this big city than in Morgantown. Oh well, mom to the rescue once again. Everyone should try these. I grew up on this. Has anyone else heard of Coco Wheats?